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Clementi Pulcinella Single Chamber Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Cart


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Color: Anthracite

The Clementi Pulcinella includes the stand and is perfect for making a statement in your garden. It takes 15-20 minutes to get to 750 degrees.  All sizes will cook more than one pizza at a time in only 90-120 seconds. There are 3 sizes available:

  • 60x60cm cooks 2x pizzas
  • 60x80cm cooks 4x pizzas
  • 100x80cm cooks 5x pizzas

The cooking area is comprised of fire bricks which retain the heat from the fire to give a perfect pizza base. The oven has a thermometer, damper system on the chimney for temperature control, a stainless steel door and unique Air Plus System, which allows an even stream of air to flow into the fire. The oven is insulated with 8cm of wool-rock & 2.5cm of skamotec fibre board on the floor of the oven under the bricks. This means that slow cooking is achievable with ease in the Clementi.

The Pulcinella has 2 wheels that allow you to move the oven around your garden with ease. There is a storage shelf below the oven and a side shelf.

(If your oven selection says ‘Available on Backorder’ please allow a minimum of 6-8 weeks to fulfil.)

These beautiful pizza ovens not only look great but also perform incredibly. Typically, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to get a Clementi pizza oven up to cooking temperature and our Clementi range consists of three oven sizes; 60×60cm; 60×80cm; 100×80cm (These dimensions for the internal cooking area). Every Clementi pizza oven is capable of cooking more than one pizza at a time in only 90-120 seconds.

The internal cooking area in the Clementi pizza oven is lined with high grade fire bricks which retain the heat generated by the fire to give a perfect crispy pizza base. All Clementi pizza ovens have a thermometer, a damper system located on the chimney for temperature control and a solid stainless steel door. They are heavily insulated with 8cm of wool-rock between the cooking chamber and the roof of the oven, and the floor has 2.5cm of skamotec fibre board on the floor of the oven under the bricks. This exceptional level of insulation means that slow cooking is achievable with ease and for prolonged periods in the Clementi.

Clementi pizza ovens can withstand atmospheric conditions including rain and snow and will therefore happily live outside all year round in the US. Every Clementi pizza oven has the benefit of Clementi’s unique Air Plus System. This patented system allows an even stream of air to flow into the fire, through a series of holes drilled into the inner side wall of the oven. This helps to improve the performance of the oven by giving the user more control during the cooking process, even with the door on.

The Clementi pizza oven range is available to buy with or without a stand. If you’re interested in buying the oven on its own, then you need the ‘Family’ option, which comes in the three sizes shown above. Alternatively, we have two stand options available for the Clementi range. These are called the Pulcinella and the Pizza Party. The Pulcinella trolley stand is available for all three oven sizes shown above, however the Pizza Party prep table stand is specifically designed for the 60x80cm Clementi pizza oven.

There are 4 colors available to choose from; Red, Anthracite, Copper and Stainless Steel.  Color options are available to purchase on a 3 week factory order basis if we don’t have your chosen option in stock.

Cooking Time: 90-120 seconds (to cook a pizza)

Heating up to temperature: 15-20 minutes

Capacity: 60×60 oven accommodates 2 pizzas – 60×80 oven accommodates 4 pizzas – 80×100 accommodates 5 pizzas

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