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Nuke Outdoor Oven 60 - 23.5" - OVEN6002

by Nuke
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Nuke Outdoor Oven 60 - 23.5"

Bake and roast under the stars with the Ñuke Oven 60. The wood-burning oven’s easy-access front-loading firebox and adjustable air intake, allows cooks to control the top oven chamber, and the built-in pyrometer helps keep wood-fired flareups within the target temperature range. With independent steam and smoke exhausts, cooks can ensure foods are not overwhelmed with smoky flavor. An included stainless-steel oven rack and flattop cooking tray provide flexibility in culinary techniques, and the refractory bricks that line the oven serve double duty as a cooking surface for brick oven pizza or traditional homemade breads. The Ñuke Oven 60 is sold with its full-length cover, as well as the shovel and poker to tend the wood fire.


  • DUAL-CHAMBER COOKING: The dual chamber design allows fuel to be added without opening the cooking chamber, and a sliding vent in the fire chamber controls the oxygen to the fire

  • DUAL-EXHAUST: With each chamber vented independently smoke does not invade the foods in the cooking chamber

  • BUILT-IN THERMOMETER: The 650-degree thermometer provides accurate temperature monitoring

  • LUMP CHARCOAL OR WOOD: Whether you prefer wood-fired baking or the ease of charcoal, just about any fuel option is available

  • REFRACTORY BRICKS FOR MAXIMUM HEAT: Both chambers are lined with high-quality fire brick that retains and focuses the heat, you can even cook pizza and bread right on the brick floor

  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Fabricated from durable XXX steal, the Nuke Oven 60 is built to last

  • DOOR HANDLES: Carved wooden handles on each door ensure the handles are always cool to the touch

  • CHIMNEY: Included chimney and chimney cap vent smoke away from the oven

  • STAINLESS COOKING RACKS: Two stainless steel cooking racks are provided

  • WHEELED OVEN STAND: Two castor wheels allow the oven to be moved throughout the deck or patio, and a wood-accented storage rack provide space for storing wood splits


    • SHOVEL: A 30-inch shovel is provided for easy cleanout

    • POKER: The 30-inch fire poker helps manage burning logs and coals

    • COOKING TRAYS: Two sturdy stainless steel sheet trays that fit the racks are provided

    • COVER: A durable full-length vinyl cover is included to protect the oven when not in use

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